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Oakland, CA, USA




Committed to Excellence

At foris.io, we understand that change is not always easy.  Since 2016,  we’ve been talking to farmers across the country learning their processes and pain points. Our team's objective is to simplify agricultural field management, improve soil health and reduce resource inputs (eg, water, energy, and fertilizers) by integrating data from multiple precision agriculture tools, providing real-time data monitoring and data-based crop-specific treatment recommendations in one platform.


Our team is developing strategies for farmers to not only survive but thrive in the future. We look forward to sharing our vision.


Rakesh Ranjan, IBM, Advisory Board

Rock Clapper, NGB Markets, Advisory Board

Colin C Muller, Muller Ranch LLC,  Advisory Board

Frank Muller, Muller Ranch LLC, Advisory Board

Dr. Céline Pallud, Ph.D., UC-Berkeley, Advisory Board

Dr. Jan Hopmans, Ph.D., UC-Davis, Advisory Board

These professionals are leaders in their fields and act as our C-Level advisors.

Victoria Vegis

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Dr. Arvind Murali Mohan, PhD

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Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Lianna Samuel, PhD

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Agronomy Analyst

Andrey Stepanov

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Software Engineer